The SULL program features breed leading genetics that are solid in the traits needed for successful cow-calf operations. Our cow herd is selected for fleshing ability, disposition, udder score, structure, natural thickness, eye appeal, fertility, and more. We utilize a high powered embryo transfer program to capitalize on the most successful cow families of the Shorthorn breed. Below are a few of our highlighted Shorthorn females in the heart of our program.

SULL Dede’s Sable 562
Solution x Milestone sABLE 01
2006 ASA Show Heifer of the Year

CF Myrtle Bo TPX 46
Trump x gf Miss 305
Reserve Champion Female – 2005 NWSS
Calf Champion – 2004 NAILE

GCC Augusta Pride 3127
Sonny x SS Augusta Pride 312

CYT Max Rosa 1145
Solution x Max Rosa 310

GCC Augusta Pride 3127
Sonny x SS Augusta Pride 3127

SULL Riding Mirage 626
SR Red Riders Drive x
AF SL Maggie’s Mirage 301

NPS Mattis 530CL
Deerpark Improver 57 x Ka’Ba Rose T90

SULL Breathless P898CA
Vegas x Angus

SULL Miss Montana 7037
Sonny x Miss Montana 973

RS Butterfly 117 05
RS Max 307 335 01 x RS Butterfly 38th

RR Dream Girl 15th
ar su lu mackenzie x rr dream girl 2nd

RS Dream Girl 904 04
rs max 307 335 01 x rr dream girl 15th

Milestone Sable 01
charmer x evergreen sable
Dam of 2006 National Champion Female
2003 National Champion Female

WHR RT Augusta Pride 510
sonny x ss augusta pride 3127
Dam of 2008 National Champion Female
SULL Solution’s Pride

SULL A Cherri Solution 605
solution x djs cherri 205

SULL Solution’s Heart 523 ET
solution x dixie chick

AF SL MAggie’s Mirage 301
trump x mirage 544
2005 Denver Champion

SULL Tina Turner P929
Trump x orange girl
Full sibling to SULL Tina Marie P921 and CD Tina

DFS Margie 6109
One of SR Red Riders Drive’s finest daughters
Owned with: Greenhorn Cattle Company

MCV Margie Million 503Q
ccc gold rush x
rockdale margie million

Miss V8 Mollie Jo 93S2
sr red riders drive x
cf myrtle bo 93 tp

ASA 2008 and 2009 Show Heifer of the Year
Owned with: V8 Shorthorns

WHR Becky Cumberland 4101
shadybrook centurian 18l x
wr4 rodeo cumberland 3r52

Dam of SULL Red Meat

GCC Myrtle Bo 304
trump x gf miss myrtle bo 305

CF Rodeo Augusta Pride 216
rodeo drive x ss augusta pride 3127
Dam of Cates Farms high selling heifer 2009 sale.

AF SL Mirage 435
dfs red rider x nps mirage 544
Full sibling to 226 and 227

Sherwood Wild Rose 540R
sherwoods red vision x
ts roan rose

CV Montana Ruby 221P
sonny 8114 x nps miss montana 973

K-Kim MP Mona Lisa 34P
vortec x k-kim tia
Dam of National Champion Bull SULL Primetime and
Reserve National Champion SULL GNCC Solutionist

SULL Tina Marie P921
trump x orange girl
Full sibling to CD Tina and SULL Tina Turner

LCLM Miriahs Rose 36N
vortec x rose
Many time Champion for Emily Richardson

AF Margie’s Dream Lady 05
pretender x af in my dreams 487
Dam of Sherwood Lady Cyrstal 434-P

WHR LS Dolly D 2116 (Hello Dolly)
trump x t-bone x 3-d
Dam of SULL GNCC Final Solution

CD Tina 028
trump x orange girl
2002 Show Female of the Year

Sherwood’s Lady Crystal 434-P
sonny x af margie’s dreamlady 05
Owned with: Troy Polyock

CF 10 Queens 989
trump x cf rodeo casino 100

CF Myrtle Bo 93
trump x gf myrtle bo
National Champion Female
2005-2006 Super Cow of the Year
Owned with: V8 Shorthorns

HSF Sybil 372
trump x mattis 530
Full sibling to WF Evergreen Sable
and HSF Mattis One 382

CF 18th Fool 458
deerpark leader 18th x nobodys fool
2003-2004 Super Cow of the Year
Owned with: Greenhorn Family

DJS Cherri 205
sonny x cheri 742
2004 National Champion Female
2004 Show Heifer of the Year
Owned with: Steck Family

K-Kim Mona Lisa 35L
vortec x mona lisa
Dam of SULL GNCC Grey Goose

CF Picture Perfect 076
trump x rodeo drive
Reserve National Champion

SULL Sable Delight P323
charmer x evergreen sable
Full sibling to SULL Sara’s Sable and Milestone Sable 01

WHR V-8 Destiny’s Choice 3948
trump x destiny’s best w30-g
Dam is National Champion Female

SULL Sara’s Sable P321
charner x evergreen sable
2006 Show Heifer of the Year
Full sister to SULL Sable’s Delight P233
Dominating Champion full sister to Milestone Sable 01

CF Augusta Pride 395
trump x ccs augusta pride 330-h
2005 National Junior Show Grand Champion Female

RF Heartbreaker
x-ray vision x dixie chick
2005 Junior Show Heifer of the Year
and Many Time Champion

HD Ruby
trump x nps desert rose 004
2004 National Champion Female
Full Sister to Solution

CF Fools Delite 020
trump x deerpark leader 18th
Dam of 2009 American Royal Champion Female,
SULL Foolish and Flawless

WF Evergreen Sable
trump x nps mattis
National Champion Female
Owned with: Milestone Cattle Co.

Miss V8 Can’t Fool Me 458N2
trump 18th fool
2005 Show Heifer of the Year
Owned with: V8 Shorthorns

HSF Mattis One 382
trump x mattis
Full Sibling to HSF Sybil 372 and WF Evergreen Sable

AF SL Mirage 226
dsf red rider 925 x mirage 544

FJH Countass 22P
2004 National Champion Maine Anjou Female Heifer of the Year
Owned with: B-Good Livestock